History and Philosophy

NationalLink was formed in January 2005 to provide the most modern and expeditious service for title and appraisal orders.  Its state-of-the-art technology provides 24-7 web site access to place and monitor title and appraisal orders. 

NationalLink is a nationwide Closing Management Service – which is the largest centralized closing management company in the nation.  NationalLink can handle appraisals, title orders and closings in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

NationalLink’s “Start-to-Finish” system handles the entire title process from receipt of the order, through the loan closing and the post closing document review.  The pre and post closing processes are performed by teams of title specialists that work directly with designated loan origination personnel and branches so that good working relationships are established between them.  It is not uncommon for the title commitment to be issued before the loan has even cleared the loan processing system.  Loan closings can occur anywhere/anytime and are performed by a network of signing agents that include attorneys, title agents and notaries. 

Title commitments, tax certifications, schedule confirmations and the HUD settlement documents are quickly posted to the web site so that loan personnel can monitor progress of their orders. 

NationalLink knows that exceptional service is very important but it also knows that it must be provided at a competitive price.  So, in addition to the expeditious and seamless service, the cost is at or less than that charged by most if not all of the current title providers.  This combination of superior service and competitive pricing is a benefit to Loan Officers as they compete for mortgage loans.